This open-source and non-profit project is meant to help out bedroom producers, audiophile hobbyists & new bands who are just starting out to find the perfect digital audio workstation (DAW) for their use case.

The problem

Since I started producing electronic music a couple years ago, I was interested in trying and checking out new tools like DAWs or VSTs.
Most resources that you find on the web when looking for DAWs are reviews and pros & cons lists which are outdated by a year or more the moment you read it. This can give you a wrong impression because you might be reading about missing features that have already been added in the meantime or bugs that have been fixed.

The solution

My vision is that the content is crowd-sourced and therefore always up to date and helpful to visitors of the site. It is a win-win situation: I want to learn about Gatsby, visitors of the website can gather information and the companies behind the DAWs get free promotion. The website provides an easy way of filtering content based on DAW title, price and more options to compare the various available DAWs.

Interested in contributing to the content or adding new features?

I am not a content writer and never intended to be. There certainly are unintended mistakes within the DAW marketing texts that I apologize for.
When you find an issue, just open a pull request or start a new feature request for DAW Comparison or contact me through the channels below:

If you like the content, a tip would be awesome!

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