Audacity 2.3.3
by Audacity
Any genre
Recording, Editing
Windows, macOS, Linux
Core Audio, WDM

Get your feet wet with Audacity

With this light-weight audio software, you can benefit from fast and intuitive audio editing, recording and even use effect plugins.

Audacity provides you with a lot of functionality and excellent sound quality which supports 16, 24 and 32-bit sample rates. Formats are converted with high-quality resampling and dithering.

Open-source and free by default

One of the upsides of Audacity is the chance to contribute to the project yourself due to its open-source nature and you can check in on the progress of the development whenever you want on Github or request new features. With around ~100 contributors you can be sure that development will be continously progressing fast and steady.

Great for various use cases

As a long time contender in the audio software business since its initial release in 2000, it is especially popular amongst users who need a reliant tool for voice-overs on podcasts, narrations for videos, journalism and more. Audacity is geared towards more novice users who are specialized in areas other than audio and just need to get a task done quick.


When using Audacity, be aware that editing changes of a .wav file will result in changing the original file, so make sure to work on a copy before hacking away.

Pros & Cons
Free tool mainly for recording audio
Available for all major operating systems
Not a full-blown DAW for music production
User interface takes some time to get used to