Songwriting, Recording, Mixing, Editing
Windows, macOS, Linux
ASIO, Core Audio

Super-fast workflow for all your needs

Similar to Ableton Live, Bitwig Studio's main use case is to be used for live performances. The colorful and appealing interface provides great user experience for mixing and editing tunes while interacting with the crowd.

Enjoy fully-modular sound design

With its newest version 3, Bitwig Studio introduced a highly praised open modular environment where you can add a "Grid" device to your project that lets you patch anything anywhere.

Should you ever come into the situation that you run into an unexpected crash, you can be at ease because all plugins are sandboxed which prevent the system from going downhill completely.

Use modern expressive controllers

Although Bitwig Studio is a younger and smaller project than most other DAWs on the market, it can excite with support for MIDI - MPE devices incuding Seaboard, Linnstrument, Continuum and many more.

Create world-class sound with great control over every aspect of your production

With over 10GB of sound content that comes prepacked with Bitwig Studio, you can experiment and tweak endlessly. One of Bitwig Studio's USPs is definitely the fact, that it is one out of only a handful DAWs that supports all 3 major operating systems, which could help gain some traction amongst the Linux community.

Currently, you can get Bitwig Studio in three different versions

  • Bitwig Studio - 16-Track ($100)
  • Bitwig Studio - Education ($270)
  • Bitwig Studio - Full ($400)

Pros & Cons
Modular sound design lets you tweak sounds with maximum flexibility
Touch integration with gesture identification
Fun interface
Cross platform and highly compatible
Cannot change bpm mid-project
Small community and more underground