Cakewalk 2020
by BandLab
Any genre
Songwriting, Recording, Mixing, Editing

Cakewalk is back!

After BandLab Technologies acquired the intellectual property of SONAR's Cakewalk Inc. in 2018, they relaunched Cakewalk as free-to-download software and continued development and adding new features. Amazing things do happen!

Precision audio technology

Never worry about audio quality again: Cakewalk offers you clean, dynamic and accurate mixes through its advanced 64-bit mix engine and provides you with the highest quality audio possible with resampling plugins. With excellent built-in mastering tools, you can polish your finished mix and directly export and publish it to various channels including SoundCloud, YouTube and many more.

Awarded as best classroom technlogy

With its target group not only being electronic music producers, BandLab for Education branches out and empowers students and teachers with a cloud-based platform that works seamlessly across platforms. Marketed also as social music creation platform, BandLab is even available for iOS and Android and therefore delivers a solid product for very different user needs.

Pros & Cons
Great plugins
Compatible with touchscreens
Frequent updates
Change of ownership
Windows only