Cubase Pro 10.5
by Steinberg
Any genre
Songwriting, Recording, Mixing, Editing
Windows, macOS
ASIO, Core Audio

Cubase has been around for a long time due to its stability and trustworthiness

Supported and used by many big name producers like Hans Zimmer and Tiësto, Cubase can convince its userbase with an intuitive MIDI engine and great stability. The amount of world-class stock plugins provided out of the box give you endless options for serious mixing and composition work.

Turn your ideas into music

There are no limits to what you can do with Cubase. Creating musical sequences, recording vocalists or instruments, mixing and mastering multi-track projects, it all works intuitively without hickups. Even basic sound editing to a video track is possible, for advanced needs you can take a look at Steinberg's other DAW called Nuendo.

Opt-in for Cubasis

If Cubase alone doesn't offer you enough flexibility, you can purchase its companion tablet app Cubasis for recording, editing and mixing on iPhone and iPad.

Currently, you can get Cubase 10.5 in three different versions

  • Elements ($110)
  • Artist ($360)
  • Pro ($640)

Pros & Cons
Great allrounder
Extensive mixer functionality
Batch export tracks
e-Licenser based hardware copy protection
Quite expensive