Logic Pro 10
by Apple
Any genre
Songwriting, Recording, Mixing, Editing
ASIO, Core Audio

Ridiculously powerful music production

As a long time contender in the DAW market since 1993, Logic Pro X delivers a professional all-rounder tool for songwriting, beat making, editing and even scoring/sound designing to a video track.

It is well suited for beginners and students with a low barrier of entry and you can expect continous support as Logic Pro is backed by the big brand name Apple.

Unique beat making

Logic Pro X comes packed with its famous "Drummer" plugin. You can select from various options of virtual session drummers, choosing a genre, then selecting a preset pattern and you are ready to go!

Another feature to save you a lot of time: you can render and bounce projects to several different file formats simultaneously.

Bang for the buck

With a purchase price of only $200, choosing the battle-tested and matured Logic Pro X as audio production software is a no-brainer.

Profit from the Apple ecosystem

Once you are content and finished with your production, Logic Pro X supercharges your workflow by enabling to share projects easily via AirDrop or move content to other applications like video editing software Final Cut Pro.

Pros & Cons
Good allrounder
Vast library of free downloadable loops and digital instruments
Integration with other Apple products
Interface controls
macOS only