Any genre
Recording, Mixing, Editing
Windows, macOS
AAX Native
ASIO, Core Audio

Industry standard DAW

Pro Tools, released by Avid Technology, is the go-to industry standard for studio recording engineers and mixing & mastering engineers. Designed to be extremely versatile and highly detailed in functionality, you can expect your productions to become more professional in its entirety while progressing fast. When you find yourself repeating the same steps in your productions too often, speed up your workflow by using a template setup based on what your current session requires.

Top notch audio quality

Pro Tools can maintain its status as professional audio software with its fast 64-bit recording and mixing engine and unbeatable audio editing workflow. You will find that most functions in the UI are easily accessible and Pro Tools provides you wih a feel similar to analog mixers. It makes working on an audio production enjoyable and efficient for audio engineers which work mainly in a live environment as well.

Pro Tools for everyone

Pro Tools gives you the option to choose between three different versions:

1) Pro Tools | First

Free version for students, musicians and podcasters to get to know Pro Tools.

2) Pro Tools

Standard version of the audio-production software geared towards musicians and engineers.

3) Pro Tools | Ultimate

Ultimate version for additional use cases like audio post productions and film scoring.

Purchase your personalized fit through a myriad of options

There are pricing tiers for

  • individuals
  • students & teachers
  • enterprise & institutions

which are further subdivided into memberships for

  • 1-year subscription, paid monthly
  • 1-year subscription, paid upfront
  • monthly subscription, paid monthly

Pro Tools also offers you to purchase add-ons like Auto-Tune Pro or even merchandise on its checkout page.

For a one-time purchase of the Pro Tools standard edition, you can expect a price of about $615, but since the pricing is quite complex and dependent on a lot of options, please refer to the website for your personalized offer.

Pros & Cons
Popular for mixing & mastering engineers
Great recording features and sound quality
Lots of shortcuts for fast audio editing
Piano roll and music production tools
UI needs some polishing
Required iLok dongle for copy protection